What is the single biggest impact on the business?

It changes the discussion instantly with distributors, vendors, buyers, executives, field and state teams, as well as category or brand personnel. Within seconds, parties can be reviewing real-time, POS data and have targeted discussions. Pricing, out of stocks, inventory, sales trends, performance; all of which can reviewed in real-time allowing for appropriate actions to be made to drive performance.

Instead of guessing or waiting on untimely information, get the relevant reports at your fingertips so your staff can make decisions today.

What is the difference between having our analyst pull data vs STX?

Data cleaning:  We ensure data integrity by helping our clients understand the retailer’s complex POS systems and secure a full line of sight to all their items.

Ready to dive in platform: Your data is ready when everyone gets to the office in the morning! An analyst can be an analyst! All team members have one view available in the cloud at any time to quickly find needed answers and the staff is not spending hours retrieving, cleansing and processing data. The team can receive a dashboard update daily and alerts for needed action items.

Cool Factor?

Absolutely! Heat maps, drill downs on graphs, visualizations, dashboards daily and predictive analytics bring your discussions to a higher level! And look good in front of peers and the executive team!!

Why does STX use Microsoft BI?

The STX platform, dashboards and reporting suites are built on Microsoft BI (Business Intelligence) utilizing Azure cloud-based services.   Microsoft is the world-wide leader in business-based software and daily activities. Over the past few years Microsoft BI has clearly leap-frogged all other BI services, especially ‘home-grown’ ones. STX and Microsoft BI are simple to use and integrate easily with your current business.

What if I am away from the office?

The flexibility of the STX platform is that you can access your data from anywhere and from any Wi-Fi or Cellular enabled device! You can access insights when and where you need them.

What if I have unique business requirements?

We understand that the traditional ‘One size fits all’ approach doesn’t work, so based on your business objectives, we are happy to work with you to create a solution to meet your needs.

Can I find the information needed to complete information the buyer has requested?

The STX platform includes all the data needed to complete buyer requests for quarterly recaps, price inquiries, item adjustments, feature proposals, etc. Our platform includes complete access to the retailer data you need in an easy to use format.

How do I make sure I have all my items and cost information?

 STX provides data check information and assists in gaining visibility to all active items.

What can I correct today that will save future losses or gain extra wins?

The reporting suite provides powerful insights to item velocities and dollars/store/week! Filters allow the user to find any combination of markets, items, stores or time frames to capture opportunities for productivity. STX mod trackers also help close the voids for new items and modular changes to increase early productivity and success.

Which retailers do you currently have active?

As of the launch of STX 2.0, we have both Walmart and Target fully functional as well as models built for a number of other retailers.