Redefine How You Interact with Your Data


STX is a Cloud-Based, Business Intelligence Provider for the CPG and Retail Industry

Fintech Acquires Cloud-Based Business Intelligence Provider STX Business Solutions

Advanced Data Reporting

Enables vendors, distributors,
and retailers to visualize

User-Friendly Platform

Simple, user-friendly Microsoft
BI analytics platform

DSD Transparency

Platform information ranges from instant topline results to store level item details right at your finger tips

Topline Retail Sales Reporting

The flexibility of the STX mobile platform allows you to monitor and access your data thru any Wi-Fi or cellular enabled PC, Tablet or hand-held device. This gives you the confidence and assurance of always having data when you need it!

STX Business Solutions

Our STX Business Solutions platform is built on Microsoft Power BI.

Cloud based with Microsoft Azure, you can see your data from any place at any time.

Executive Summary Reports

Fully Interactive Tabs

Heat Maps

Store/ Brand/ Item/ Specific

Replenishment and Warehousing

The STX Reporting Platform gives the entire organization the credible and actionable data to accelerate your business performance, today!

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