Analytics Delivered to your Inbox

STX Business Solutions 2.0 offers daily, actionable analytics delivered to your inbox. Facts customized to your business such that you can prevent tomorrow’s issues with today’s information and trends. Dashboards, Threshold Alerts and Tagged Communication, are just a thumbnail sketch of how the STX Platform helps keep your team, merchants, and field members up-to-date.

OOS & OOS Trends

‘You can’t sell from an empty wagon’

Daily updates provide immediate opportunity for correction


STX Reporting Suite includes workbooks for the most recent OTIF DC reporting, delivery times, cases, and other metrics

Pricing Thresholds

Elasticity in pricing is key to optimizing sales. You can set retail pricing parameters such that if a retail deviates from the guidelines, you know immediately when, where and how many PODs affected

Seasonal trends

A look into trends, actuals and upcoming forecasts to ensure optimum sales


Every extra day it takes to get an item to the shelf decreases performance and the opportunity for success

Zero Forecast

Without a forecast, there can be no sales tomorrow


Minimum Margin

Alerts which help maintain legal pricing minimums and avoid regulatory issues