Our STX Business Solutions platform is built on Microsoft Power BI.

Cloud based with Microsoft Azure, you can see your data from any place at any time.

Executive Summary Reports

Fully Interactive Tabs

Heat Maps

Store/ Brand/ Item/ Specific

Replenishment and Warehousing

Monitoring Business Performance

Our business solutions monitors the sales and trends of your business through reporting, tracking and comparing. First and foremost, our topline, retail-sales reporting sets the foundation for your business. To ensure a reliable and up-to-date trend analysis, STX tracks your brand, its new items, and any holiday/seasonal items throughout the life cycle. Along with this, we aim to yield comprehensive comparisons on state/local markets and distributor information. In addition to these three facets, we also monitor your product’s promotional performance.

Actionable Support

Whether it’s trends, tracking, forecasting, or item productivity, STX Business Solutions offers a holistic picture of your data analytics. Our support features allow you to stay on top of business and market trends, aiding in proficiency and accuracy across the board.


  1. Comparable sales trends
  2. OOS tracking
  3. Zero movement
  4. Store/warehouse inventory
  5. Retail price points
  6. New items/voids
  7. Placement tracking
  8. Valid/traited tracking
  9. Item forecasts
  10. Item productivity $/ST/WK

Custom Attributes

Seeing your data the way YOU want to! Our solution to exceptional understanding of performance data centers around custom attributes that allow you to see exactly what you want at any given time. Integrating these key features into our software allows you to have instant access to your data in the ways that best answer your immediate questions.


  1. Buyer
  2. Brand
  3. State
  4. Distribution model
  5. Store
  6. Region
  7. Fineline
  8. Item
  9. Internal alignments