It all Started on a Beach

The STX business concept came to life while sitting in the U.S Virgin Islands on St. Croix. Therefore, our company name is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) call letters for St. Croix International Airport: STX. Our logo is reflective of the island lifestyle found in St. Croix.

While enjoying an adult beverage on St Croix, co-founder, Jon Thompson, pondered the opportunities of providing answers and support within the complex, three tier, adult beverage industry. The multitude of legal, distributor and vendor complications is enormous. However, our team has years of experience in retail, CPG, food and beverage, technical, category as well as a few decades in adult beverage. From STX beginnings in late 2017, we have launched our company, our business and reporting platforms and are proud to say that within the first year we can call a number of the largest distillers, wineries and breweries our clients!